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The overall school management system can be optimized to a greater extent with the help of the ERP software. With the advancement of the technology, more schools are adopting the ERP software for the digitization of the various functions of the school systems. You can display the images of the school along with major events[…]


We live in a world where education plays a significant role in our lives. We want our children to grow up as educated, well-rounded individuals who can easily pursue their career and find a job that they can relate with. But this is not always easy because it requires the students to pick an established[…]


Discipline is an important aspect of the life that often ends up being condoned by students and parents in the whole process of trying to raise their children with love. But discipline prepares students to be sharper and it helps them perform more efficiently. This is why discipline should be regarded as a necessary element[…]

Managing Data Effectively Is Easy with ERP

We realize that schools handle very sensitive data which includes personal information regarding the students and certain confidential details of the guardians as well. This is why we have devised restricted user access which ensures that every user logging in to the system has adequate access according to their use of the software. While parents[…]

Collaborate with Avant Garde School ERP

The joint collaboration of students, parents, employees and the school management makes a school successful. By learning and evolving together, schools ensure that they hone the students to become holistic individuals who are not just driven by competition but by the need to succeed together as a team. This helps in creating a more viable[…]