Discipline is an important aspect of the life that often ends up being condoned by students and parents in the whole process of trying to raise their children with love. But discipline prepares students to be sharper and it helps them perform more efficiently. This is why discipline should be regarded as a necessary element in all schools.

In order to help schools enforce discipline appropriately among the students, we have the Discipline System which is created to include the general rules and regulations that must be followed by everyone for the systematic running of the school.

The system is utilized by teachers to promote appropriate student behaviour and simultaneously remove unacceptable behaviours. The result is that schools are able to develop a socio emotional climate in the school grounds where students and teachers are well disciplined.

An important feature of the system is the ability to create assignments for students and download and view the completed assignments where students can enter remarks for the assignments. It can also be used by the school management team to create and assign new tasks to the employees and then check the status of the task.

It also gives everyone in the school to enter a discipline complaint against someone who is found to be in breach of the system. To ensure an unbiased approach towards everyone in the school, the system also allows the accused person to enter clarifications for their behaviour. Then an external person who has no inclination towards either of the parties is assigned the task of taking the decision of taking action against the accused or not.

By bringing in a robust discipline system like this, schools will be able to inculcate the importance of respecting superiors and obeying rules in the students and employees. Not only does this improve the overall working of the school but it also helps in creating a positive environment for everyone in the school.