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Sharad Technologies LLC is an organisation dedicated towards creating solutions for schools that help in better administration

We at Sharad Technologies provide school management systems to help schools and parents in creating a safe and effective way of administering a child’s progress. Be it attendance, academic performance or extra curricular activities, Our systems are designed to be efficient in creating a hassle free experience.

Our solutions utilize the latest in RFID, GPS, VSAT, Wireless Satellite technologies and GPRS to create world class solutions.

Our online school management system software solutions are customized for school safety management systems.



Show and go is an innovative attendance marking system that records and notifies parents when attendance of students is marked.

The student shows the name card to the device, attendance is marked and push notifications/SMS are sent to parents.

No. Show and go has an inbuilt Computer and modem, eliminating the need for physical computers set up.

Show and go is a 100% accurate

Show and go is designed to work accurately within a reading range of 5Cm’s

A reading speed of less than 1 second ensures show and go is fast. Very fast.

The show & go devices can be installed easily in school buses, small schools and nurseries.

Show and Go utilises the latest RFID technology to enable accurate and efficient attendance management.

The device automatically sends SMS/ Push notifications on the mobile app to parents.

The exact date, in-times and out-times are recorded by the show and go, reducing safety concerns and improving attendance.

Show and go is currently the most affordable attendance management systems compared to any paid system.

Magic Door is an automated system which acts as a complete attendance management system.

Magic door offers a range of solutions including Attendance monitoring solution, Reporting System, Student Information System, School Management System and Accounting.

Magic door automatically recognises a student when they walk through the gates of the school using RFID technology. It then records the attendance details in the cloud servers as well as sends push/SMS notifications to parents.

No, Magic door has its own inbuilt modem and computer to communicate with the outside world

Magic door is designed and tested to be a 100% accurate in reading student information.

Magic door has a reading speed of less than 0.2 seconds making it a super fast and easy way to mark and manage attendance of students.

When a student wearing the RFID name card walks through the gate, our reader automatically marks attendance and sends a real time message to parents.

Yes, the messages being sent to the parents are customization as per requirements. They will notify the parents of the exact time and date when ever a student walks through the school gates.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance reports are auto generated of each students’ attendance apart from real time recording and notification so that any anomalies in the attendance can be traced and rectified.

Magic door can be used in large schools, nurseries and in schools where attendance issues persist. Use of Magic door solution has effectively reduced attendance related issues in schools.



We at Sharad technologies provide feature rich solutions that are economically viable. With subscription plans starting from as low as 49$, the value of our services is the best compared to any other paid school management system.

The services are provided free of cost to the schools. It is the parents of your schools pupils who pay for the service.

No, we do not charge anything for creating the required infrastructure to use out products.

Our 24/7 dedicated support team ensures that all your queries and issues with using the solutions are handled on priority basis.

No, All our services and products are plug and play. There is no need for any special training to use our services.

Sharad Technologies provides solutions that work on cloud computing, thereby eliminating the need for specific hardware.

Our solutions are eco-friendly, reducing the usage of stationary, paper and printing costs as well as associated material costs.

Our intuitive real time mobile applications are provided for the administrative staff as well as parents so that there is a constant and real time flow of information both sides.

Our solutions are automated in such a way that there is literally no human supervision that is required to carry out the day to day administrative activities.

Our solutions provide a 360 degree view of the location of you children. Whether they are at school, in the bus or on the way back, the real time systems automatically notify parents and administration of the whereabouts of children apart from alerting them when there is an anomaly in the number of children that are supposed to be on the bus and the number which actually is.