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Avant Garde School ERP Software

At Sharad Technologies we provide numerous school automation solutions. Our products are wireless and hassle free. The machines installed in schools capture attendance automatically and are simple plug and play devices.

Avant Garde, our flagship product, is an end to end school erp solution with host of capabilities including administrative operations & reporting, HR management, accounting, mobile application, automated attendance marking and lesson management. Avant Garde can be customized to work seamlessly even in remote areas and requires minimal set up.

Avant Garde School management software is now available in India, Africa, Arabia, EMEA, Singapore, Europe, America and Asia. Our growth plan is focused on continuously tapping niche technologies for high end automation and mobile ERP to cut customer operations expenditure by at least 28% and a robust reseller program for profitable partnership to expand our distribution capability.

Our education school erp products are manufactured proudly in our own assembly lines in Dubai, UAE, and all devices are made with high grade materials and are dispatched only after each device has passed the quality testing. All the hardware devices sold by us are bundled with standard lifetime warranty and are repairable in any country where they are installed. But we assure, you won’t need it!

Avant Garde School Management Software

Magic Door

Automatic Child Attendance by Magic Door

The Magic Door is a feature rich variant that helps you capture attendance automatically with a built in Modem & Computer. It saves Teacher’s time in recording and saving the student’s attendance data in the system and is a reliable design for School use, tested in varied severe environment.

When a person walks through the gate, the card is automatically read, attendance is marked on the school’s server and an automatic SMS (or a Push Notification) is sent to the Parents.

The Magic Door doesn’t require a Computer, an internet connection or LAN wiring at the School! The system is Plug & Play, and all it needs is a power supply. For more information about The Magic Door, please drop us an email at info@sharadtechnologies.com.

The Magic Door has 2 Variants-

1.LF(Low Frequency):Long reading range of 40-70 cms(can still be customized as per School’s needs)

2.UHF(Ultra High Frequency):Excellent reading range of 5-10 Meters(can still be customized as per School’s needs)

Show & Go

Show & Go is an affordable solution by Sharad Technologies. Show & Go also has an in-built Computer & Modem. Reading range can be customized as per School’s needs.

Just show the card to the device(no tapping needed) and the attendance is marked on the school’s server and an automatic SMS (or a Push Notification) is sent to the Parents.

Show & Go

School Student Parent Mobile App

Avant Garde School Mobile App

Keep track of the school even when you are on a vacation. Get Avant Garde on your phone. A well-designed mobile app for Android and iOS enables Schools, Parents and Students access Avant Garde on their phones, anytime, anywhere!

The admin can check the students attendance, timetable, HRMS, bus locations and fees status. Parents can keep track of the activities, childrens attendance details and fees details. Teachers can access the automatic timetable and access the HRMS using this handy app. Your school at your fingertips.

School ERP Management Software Solution

Banking and Billing Portal
Parents will received auto mated notification of invoice and receipts via email for any outstanding fees, payments can now be made online with school via software. School software complete record of all payments made and better managed accounts for School and parents. Banking made easier no more going into schools with cash and cheque books.

Humans Resources Management Systems A complete solution to manage all school employees Basic easy to use Payroll software, manage staff sick leave and holidays. Appraisals, Training and Growth.

Medical Records
All updates records on student medical history, previous vaccinations, any upcoming vaccinations and incurring treatments or medications, Any accidents that occurred during school hours and on school premises.

Create and Store Library via the ie ISBN Manage how many books Students can take out in one go. Record of any penalties if books are not returned on time.

Examinations Reports
A complete report of all examination during term periods, Teacher and parents login to view all progress and results on all the subjects.

School Management Software Solution

Time And Attendance

Time and Attendance Management Software

Worried about your Teachers and staff’s attendance and working hours at School? Need not. Sharad Technologies provides a robust integration of Time Management device along with a great software which keeps complete track of time and effort given by a particular Teacher or any staff in the School.

We even provide you information if a Teacher has run short(or given extra hours) of specified time limits for the week by triggering email alerts to the administrators. Auto Calculation of Salary based on local government rules combined with Employee’s monthly Time data along with Payroll would definitely ensure you never have to do the math for tedious month end activities.