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About Us

About Us

With primary focus on the academic and scholastics industry, at Sharad Technologies LLC, our main goal is to provide schools with high-end technology based automation solutions. Amongst our many services we also offer customised solutions to schools which allow them better monitoring of their students.

Using technologies such as iBeacon, RFID, biometrics and other surveillance systems we automate a myriad of operations which both public and private educational institutes currently depend upon. At the starting line the end result is to involve technology in order to make processes simpler and more efficient. Working with our clients, our exacting services involve using our expertise in the software and hardware fields and match them with what is required.

Not only do we ensure results but also guarantee top of the line services, in order to achieve such high standard levels of services our teams are equipped with the best in communications technologies include items such as wireless cams, GPS and having the ability to connect it all via a single cloud server. A part of what we offer are a team of experts who are ready and willing to offer support and monitoring post installation as well in order to ensure that it all works as desired by the stakeholders involved.

Thanks for visiting our website today, we’ve packed it full with all the information you will require in order make an informed decision. If you have any further questions or queries, or would like a consultation you can contact us on the details provided on our Contact Us page.

Online Attendance System

Online attendance system is one of the finest examples of advanced technology. We are the best in our school mobile app and online school management system.

Online School Management System

Online school management system to improve the School management and attendance system of schools.Our ultimate aim is to become global leader in student enrollment and support schools and parents alike with the latest in technology.


Armed with a unique wireless RFID system, that comes with its own built-in internet facility and supplemented by the latest in Global Positioning System Technology, GPRS, Radio-Frequency- Identification, VSAT and Wireless Satellite Technology.



Sharad Technologies provides School ERP which comprise of School Management System, Student Information System, Accounting and a full blown HR Management as well. The ultimate goal is to make the parent worry free by providing them all the content. On their mobile phone!


Our expertise lies in providing schools across the Middle East and India, with simple yet superior attendance management systems, that keep both schools and parents reassured of their children’s attendance and their safety.